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Products awarded with the MTP Gold Medal




BIO butter (BIO Ekologiczne Masło) Ekstra 200 g, 100 g

Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA in Wysokie Mazowieckie - producer and submitting entity

BIO butter is a real butter of the highest quality, produced exclusively from pasteurized cream, without any additives, preservatives, dyes and gluten. It contains only milk fat (min. 82%). The butter is a response to market trends and increasing expectations of consumers, who search for natural and healthy products. It is a product with BIO Certificate, which confirms that the product meets EU standards on organic food. Restrictive rules for the granting this certificate guarantee that the product was made from ingredients supplied by an organic farm that meets certain requirements - e.g. no chemicals, artificial fertilizers or fodder. The product is intended mainly as a spread, but it may be also used for other culinary purposes.



Cheddar Old, long-aged (3 months) cheese 200 g

Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA in Wysokie Mazowieckie - producer and submitting entity

Cheddar Old is a long-aged (3 months) cheese, available in 200 g packages and offered as a part of Connoisseur's Diamonds line of mature cheeses produced by MLEKOVITA. Cheddar Old (3 months) offers unique taste is due to the long period of maturation in carefully selected conditions. It is perfect for an exclusive board of cheese, toothpick appetizers or as a stand-alone snack. The cheese tastes perfect with honey or fruit - both fresh (e.g. grapes, pears, juicy ripe mango or figs) and dried (e.g. apricots, plums, cranberries). It also harmonizes excellently with slightly sour jams, nuts (e.g. walnuts, cashews, pistachio nuts, almonds, pecans), olives and dried tomatoes. The cheese may be grated and sprinkled over many hot dishes to refine their taste.


Mascarpone - creamy cheese of Italian style 250 g, 500 g

Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA in Wysokie Mazowieckie - producer and submitting entity

Mascarpone is a creamy cheese of Italian type, which is the basic ingredient of popular tiramisu dessert. This thick and creamy cheese is a perfect component of desserts, creams for cakes and pastries or an addition to ice-cream. It has a slightly sweet taste and velvety texture of thick cream, making it suitable for desserts and hot dishes such as sauces, pasta, meats, vegetables or even pizza and casseroles. Mascarpone is made of pasteurized cream.




Whole milk from Jersey cows

Średzka Spółdzielnia Mleczarska JANA – producer and submitting entity


JERSEY milk is a unique product obtained from dairy cows reared on the British island of Jersey. The isolation of the cows on the island had a profound impact on the unique features of cows and their milk, which contains approx. 20% more protein and approx. 30% more calcium than milk from other cow breeds. Another important feature is increased content of calcium, which improves digestibility of proteins.

It has a characteristic slightly creamy colour and unique flavour. Full and creamy taste of Jersey milk is surprisingly different from milk obtained from other cow breeds. 'JERSEY' milk is not subject to any modifications - we do not introduce any additives or remove any of its components.




'Franuś' vanilla cream cheese 100 g

Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska w Czarnkowie - producer and submitting entity

‘Franuś' is a vanilla cream cheese, available in handy 100g tubes.

It is produced by 'OSM Czarnków', according to the latest technology of ultrafiltration. It is enriched with whey protein, albumins and globulins, which are the most valuable proteins in milk, performing the role of protein absorption catalyst. In addition, the production method partially removes lactose, which is sugar contained in milk. This is especially valuable for people with lactose intolerance.

For children and young people, the cheese is a source of calcium and vitamins especially vitamin D. The product is available in a handy tube with easily opened and closed cap.

Vitamin D is important for providing calcium and phosphorus needed by growing bones. With 'Franuś', providing these important components is easy and tasty, as natural vanilla extract is responsible for its delicate flavour.

The cheese may be a supplement of a daily diet, as it is easy to digest and meets all standards of product supplied to schools and kindergartens.

'Franuś' does not contain glucose-fructose syrup and is produced from milk from cows fed with a non-GMO feed.

ISO and HACCP systems applied in the production of 'Franuś' ensure its best quality and compliance with all consumer requirements.


EMILGRANA fresh, grated cheese

EMILGRANA-POLAND Sp. z o.o. - producer and submitting entity


Emilgrana-Poland produced only Italian-style cheese in Poland. Milk from farms in Wielkopolska is used to produce the cheese of exceptional sensory values, typical for Italian grana cheeses. EMILGRANA ripening hard cheese has a large group of fans among chefs and it is popular as an additive to Italian dishes and as extra seasoning in traditional home cooking. EMILGRANA ripening hard cheese was appreciated during Polagra Food 2015, where it was awarded with MTP Gold Medal 2015. Recently, using the cheese as a seasoning becomes very popular and market immediately responded to this trend by offering cheese in a convenient form and weight. Cheese wheels, weighing approximately 40 kg, are divided and packed into small portions to make them available to consumers. Freshly grated EMILGRANA cheese is one of its very popular forms. Grating process releases cheese aroma and makes it immediately ready for use in the most convenient form. Freshly grated EMILGRANA cheese is packaged in single, stand-up foil bags, containing 100g of the product. In order to keep it fresh for consumers, the bags have a string closure for repeated opening. The finished product is packaged in a protective atmosphere of gases to retain its excellent taste and smell throughout the shelf life. We confirm the safety and quality of our product by many microbiological, physicochemical and sensory tests. We also confirm the quality of the product by durability tests research, which is the best guarantee of preserving the full value of the finished product.


Super Body Active WPC 80 - whey protein instant concentrate with vanilla flavour: 30 g, 700 g, 1000 g, 2270 g

Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA in Wysokie Mazowieckie - producer and submitting entity


Super Body Active WPC 80 with vanilla flavour is a high quality whey protein concentrate, which is a rich source of complete proteins (including BCAA) and calcium. It does not contain aspartame and gluten. It is offered as an 'instant' product, ensuring excellent solubility and the addition of a natural sunflower lecithin reduces its foamability. It contains no unnecessary taste 'improvers' such as sugar or fat, that strengthen the taste, but at the expense of the protein content in the finished product. Perfect for active people, focused on body sculpting, strength and endurance sports as well as for all those, who want to enrich their diet with protein.


Cream 18%

Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska w Kole – producer and submitting entity


Cream 18% is a natural product without artificial substances and thickeners. Its advantage is undoubtedly its taste and thick, creamy texture. It is recommended for soups, sauces and salads. Available in 200g and 400g cups. High quality of the product is confirmed by the consumer recognition and many prestigious awards granted by consumer and industry organizations.


'Mizeria' - 10% cream for fresh cucumber salad

Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska w Kole – producer and submitting entity


'Mizeria' cream is a unique product in the market, as there no other 10% cream recommended for
a fresh cucumber salad (which is called 'mizeria' in Poland). This product is suitable for those, who search for a cream with lower fat content, but with distinctive taste. It is tasty, healthy and does not contain salt, sugar or artificial additives




Delivery Gastro

LSI Software S.A. – submitting entity and producer

A part of Gastro system, used for handling telephone and on-line orders, in order to improve order execution. A customer places an order, which is accepted in the Gastro system. A staff member transfers the order to the kitchen for the preparation and assigns the driver who receives notification via the phone app. The application presents information about the customer, order and address. The deliverer may define the optimum route, send an SMS or call the consumer using the app. The restaurant manager may track on-line the location of deliverers, knowing the exact time of delivery to customers and immediately respond to any problems.



JAX PROFESSIONAL 42 safe agent for removing greasy contamination

Zakłady Chemiczne EMICHEM P.P. Michał Mierzwa – submitting entity and producer

JAX PROFESSIONAL 42 is a safe agent for removing greasy contamination, dedicated to clean kitchen hoods. It eliminates the risks generated by highly alkaline degreasers, so users are not required to use personal protective equipment. It easily removes soot and grease formed during cooking and combustion processes. The product is also suitable for cleaning aluminium. JAX PROFESSIONAL 42 - an agent for removing greasy contaminants, which quickly and easily removes dirt, due to its unique formula. Probably this is the only agent of this type, which: - is not corrosive and destructive to the cleaned surfaces and to the skin and hands, - does not require the use of personal protection glasses and gloves, - does not require rinsing, - cleans greasy surfaces, cooker hoods, vents, - has a foam consistency that keeps it on the vertical surfaces, - is 100% biodegradable and environmentally safe, - is easy to use, - is excellent also for cleaning aluminium items.




  1. ABC Espresso Paweł Dyzert – submitting entity

  2. SCRAEGG GmbH - producer





Can you make scrambled eggs or oatmeal better than a cook, but without a kitchen and in15 seconds? Or can you prepare other lunch dishes (quinoa with meat or in 'vege' version, tomato soup, mashed potatoes, sweet potato, etc.) using only one button? ScraeggPro can do it.

All the food available from this device is prepared in a healthy way, i.e. using steam, without fat and frying. It may be served on site or offered as a take-away.



Dry Ager DX1000 - dry aging fridge

  1. CHRIS Krzysztof Sawicki - submitting entity
  2. Landig + Lava GmbH & Co. KG – producer

DRY AGER DX1000® is an aging cabinet designed to obtain perfect taste, intense flavour, ideal structure and excellent meat tenderness. Advanced technology, enclosed in a modern-looking cabinet, guarantees optimal conditions for traditional dry aging of beef. Modern and timeless design of the device attracts attention, while the transparent door inspires and stimulates the senses, promising
an unforgettable culinary adventure.


WINTERHALTER - undercounter dishwasher of UC series

WINTERHALTER GASTRONOM POLSKA Sp. z o.o. – submitting entity and producer

With its new UC series, Winterhalter presents the next generation of undercounter dishwashers designed to achieve perfect cleaning results. Intuitive and comfortable to use. Absolutely secure and reliable operation and superior in every detail. UC Series is a masterpiece of engineering art. Ready for present and future challenges.




GT4s - Automatic, large-capacity, high-speed, in-line tray sealing system designed to cut labour costs


PROSEAL UK Ltd – submitting entity and producer

The Proseal GT4s tray sealer incorporates compact design with highthroughputs, handling atmospheric, gas flushing and hermetic shrinksealed trays at speeds of up to 140 atmospheric packs per minutewith a seven-impression tool, making it currently the fastest of itssize. This speed is accompanied by flexibility meaning the entireproduct changeover process is carried out in under 5 minutes, this isdue to simple tool design complimented with a speedy 1 button setup.



SINGRISET-2 innovative cutting and mincing system


EKOMEX-PILŚNIAK Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Spółka komandytowa – submitting entity and producer

SINGRISET-2 is an innovative system for extracting and separatingmeat, cartilage, monofilament and tendons. The system uses aspecial and tube head (with registered name of SINGRISET-2),which can be easily installed on industrial mincing machines toprovide additional functions: mincing meat and removing tendonsfrom fine meats of class III and IV with high content of tendons,obtained from cutting, mincing all kinds of meat to very finestructure (from 3 to 8 mm) with the effect of softening the hardintermuscular fat in meat of Class III and IV. The greater surfacearea of openings in the tube than in a mesh, results in better mincingefficiency of the same machine at the same energy costs. Thesolution does not require traditional mesh and knives, eliminating thecost of sharpening or replacement of tools as well as the risk ofabrasion that may result in small metal particles lest in meat.





Micro cutter KR-45


METALBUD Sp. z o.o. - submitting entity and producer

Micro cutter KR-45 is intended for very fine cutting, emulsifying andmilling of raw materials mainly for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmeticand chemical industry. The advantages of the machine include: highquality of cutting and emulsifying, wide range of mincing dependingon the cutting set, 'no-contact' head, easy assembly and disassemblyof the cutting set.






  1. MULTIVAC Sp. z o.o. - contracting entity
  2. MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG – producer

MULTIVAC L310 full-wrap labeller can run self-adhesive labels witha label backing strip width of up to 500 mm, applied virtually on anytype of packaging, whereas the integrated printer ensures printing ofadditional information for consumer. This type of labelling increasesthe attractiveness of the product, protects the package, increasesproduction hygiene and reduces downtime. L310 applies a widerange of labels in terms of materials and shapes, whereas itsmodular design helps to achieve the required functionality.



Ultimate whole leg deboner


FOODMATE B.V. – contracting entity and producer

The Ultimate is a high capacity whole leg deboning machine,deboning up to 6000 legs per hour. The integrated X-Ray measuringsystem is used to precisely measure each leg and detect the kneecap. The X-ray image data is used for exact cutting of the tendonsand around the knee joint ensuring the highest possible yield andminimum labour during trimming.




Free-standing scale for stuffing carts 200 l


BROKELMANN Sp. z o.o. – contracting entity and producer

FREE-STANDING SCALE FOR STUFFING CARTS 200L - is aninnovative solution to facilitate the production process mainly in meatand food processing plants. We have answered the demands andexpectations related to ergonomics (by eliminating ramps andplatforms), functionality (by mobility and easy handling of the device)and operability (by ability to work in a factory network). The weighingsystem from METTLER ensures precise weighing. The solution usedin our product eliminated the instability and the difficulty of weighing,providing stability of the cart and comfortable weighing process. Thefree-standing scale for stuffing carts 200l is certainly a product thatwould improve the production efficiency and provide a high standardof equipment.




ZEO-1000S label remover


CHEMAXPOL Sp. z o.o Sp.k. – submitting entity and producer

The Label remover type ZEO-1000S is a specialized devicedesigned to remove paper labels and stickers from all sides of aplastic container. It is used in the meat and food industry. Stainlesssteel used for the construction of the unit ensures proper hygienicconditions, while the components of renowned manufacturers andmodern solutions reduce to a minimum the costs of cleaning themachine on site, as well as high quality and efficiency of automatedprocess of label removal.