POLAGRA is a place to present products that meet the needs of consumers, new technologies to maintain the highest safety standards in food production, as well as solutions that improve the work of catering and accommodation facilities. The denominator is the taste around which new business relationships are built conditioning the development of the industry and the promotion of Polish food abroad.

We invite you to the POLAGRA 2023 fair!

We are counting down the days to the POLAGRA Fair


The presence at POLAGRA 2023 was declared by:

Honorary Patronage of POLAGRA 2022

Merry Christmas 2022

Christmas wishes from Grupa MTP.

Three days of relief for the food and catering industry. POLAGRA as an answer to uncertain times

It hasn't been an easy year for the food and catering industry and its customers. That’s why the POLAGRA fair offers you...

Vote for the Gold Medal, Consumers' Choice at POLAGRA 2022

Get to know the products that received the Gold Medal of the Food and Foodtech zone at POLAGRA 2022 and vote in the Gold...

For bakeries, confectioneries, gastronomy and the food industry. HERT on POLAGRA Fair

Production of high-quality food while optimizing costs and improving or automating the production process and continuity...

Fenix System joined the group of POLAGRA exhibitors

Functionality and the highest quality are priorities in the broadly understood food packaging. Fenix Systems, one of the...

Baking technology giants again in Polagra

Among the POLAGRA exhibitors there are companies from the bakery industry. These well-known and appreciated brands can be...

Safe food packaging with COMEF

Packaging control is one of the priorities in food production. COMEF, one of the POLAGRA exhibitors, will take care of solutions...

The Portuguese cluster will visit POLAGRA

Inovcluster's participation in POLAGRA aims to promote and enhance the offer of the Portuguese agro-food, wine tourism and...

Successful story of Meray

With over 42 years experience in the nut and dried fruit sector, the company grew, so it is now represented by its branches...

WIESHEU as an exhibitor at POLAGRA

WIESHEU is providing its customers with the perfect baking ovens system.

More than a reward. The Gold Medal will promote your company

Campaigns targeted at visitors and exhibitors, information in the media, galas and conferences, consumer voting - these are...

CREAMER solutions facilitate the transport and storage of food

CREAMER is a leading manufacturer of reusable plastic products for transport and storage. It is also another POLAGRA exhibitor...

We are proud of this cooperation! The Ukrainian association supports POLAGRA

Despite the very difficult situation and the ongoing war in Ukraine, the All-Ukrainian Bakers Association became the industry...


MTP Group Gold Medalists - video

Master Baker Competition

Master Baker photo gallery. The gallery straddles both days of the competition and the award ceremony.

Trend Scene and Expert Scene - conferences, debates, training

Polagra 2022 photo gallery - conferences, debates and training on the Expert Stage and Trend Stage.

Polish Culinary Cup

Photo gallery of the 20th edition of the Polish Culinary Cup.

Awarding of prizes in the competition for the Gold Medal of the MTP Group - POLAGRA 2022

See the winners of the Gold Medals

Opening gala of POLAGRA 2022 and awards ceremony

Please visit the photo gallery from the opening of POLAGRA 2022. The photos show the presentation of jubilee awards, Gold Medals of the MTP Group and Acanthus Aureus for the distinguished exhibitors.

POLAGRA 2022 - photo gallery | day 3

The third and last day of POLAGRA 2022 is over. It passed under the slogan of debates, culinary shows and the results of the Master Baker competition. Please visit the photo gallery.

POLAGRA 2022 - photo gallery | day 2

Another day of meetings with visitors and exhibitors, business talks at the stands, debates on stages and the results of the Polish Culinary Cup. Here is a photo gallery from the second day of POLAGRA.

POLAGRA 2022 - photo gallery | day 1

We present a photo gallery from the first day of POLAGRA 2022.

POLAGRA 2021 - photo gallery

The POLAGRA 2021 exhibition is a combination of food, technology for the food industry and the HoReCa sector. Both food producers and distributors have shown that they are ready to meet, look for new customers, products and services, and want to talk about the future.

POLAGRA fair 2021 - day 1st

The POLAGRA fair has started. Every year, the event is a celebration of food producers, a place of talks between producers of food products and their distributors, as well as technology suppliers for the food industry.

The opening gala of POLAGRA 2021 and the awarding of Gold Medal

Traditionally, on the first day of the fair, the MTP Gold Medals and Acanthus Aureus awards were presented.

POLAGRA 2020 - movie relation

POLAGRA 2020 edition, although prepared in difficult conditions, was full of flavor and interesting meetings. There were also interesting trainings and workshops.

Awarding the Gold Medals at POLAGRA 2020

The MTP Gold Medals were awarded on the first day of POLAGRA 2020. Thi is competition in which the best quality and innovative products which respond to the expectations of the food industry and consumers are awarded,

POLAGRA 2020 - part 2

The second day of POLAGRA 2020 was full of culinary emotions, business meetings, as well as trainings, workshops and conferences that attracted a large group of listeners from food and HoReCa industry..

POLAGRA 2020 - part 1

The first day of POLAGRA 2020. The rich program of events was full of culinary emotions, and the specially prepared spaces allowed for the meetings of industry representatives in comfortable and safe conditions. We invite you to view the photo gallery.


The FOODTECH exhibition is every year a great food factory. This is the best place to get knowledge about innovative solutions ensuring the food production of high quality food.


Modern solutions and equipment for restaurants and hotels, workshops with excellent chefs and coffee experts, prestigious culinary competitions.


Meat and dairy products, sweets, salty snacks, fruit and vegetable preserves, ready-to-eat dishes, coffee, tea, alcohol. A wide range of products was presented by Polish and foreign producers.

POLAGRA 2019 - movie relation

Unconventional solutions for restaurants and hotels as well as masters of the Polish gastronomy arena, food trends, technological innovations for the food processing sector.

Awarding of the MTP Gold Medal competition

In 2019, 21 products were awarded the MTP Gold Medal at POLAGRA. The awards were presented during the opening ceremony of the POLAGRA fair.

Polish Culinary Cup 2019

The most important competition for professionals in Polish gastronomy: two days of fighting for flavors to get the title of "The Best of the Best".

Idea Expo


Trust the experience! We've been constructing fair stands with passion for over 30 years! Our offer includes constructing and designing, as well as unusual solutions that suits your needs!

GARDENcity restaurants

Designer restaurants in the business center of Poznań

Inside the three-level complex there are spacious rooms, the character of which evolves with the vision and needs of guests: Saffron, Vanilla, Tabasco and Cinnamon. The meeting space is complemented by two restaurants: Basilico Bistro - offering express lunches and Oregano and Wine - a fine dining restaurant.

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