Ten reasons why you should become an exhibitor


There is no universal tool to attract customers. However, the role of trade fairs cannot be overestimated. Here is a list of 10 reasons why it is worth investing in the presence at the food and HoReCa trade fair in Poznań.

It is worth using every available tool to gain customers. Trade fairs are one of them - in some aspects one of the most effective. Here are ten reasons why POLAGRA in Poznań will be... a hit.

1. Networking and good relations

Nothing builds relationships with customers like meeting them in person. A moment of conversation, a handshake, the exchange of experiences and opinions sometimes weigh more than hundreds of exchanged e-mails, dozens of telephone calls and online meetings.

2. The most important customers in one place

POLAGRA is mainly visited by: technologists, owners, managers, retailers and wholesalers, distributors, suppliers and investors. They go to the Poznań International Fair to learn about market novelties, get to know the offer, and often with the intention of signing a contract or a long-term contract.

3. The absent have no voice

Live meetings, in addition to building relationships, allow you to build an advantage over the competition. Trade fairs are a place of concluding contracts. If your company is not on them, the customer will probably take advantage of your competitor's offer.

4. Watch the competition

To paraphrase a well-known saying: "Keep your friends close and your food competitors even closer". It is worth becoming an exhibitor at POLAGRA, if only to keep your finger on the pulse, to invest in benchmarking to learn about the activities of the competition. There will certainly be no shortage of this in Poznań, because a few months before the fair we know the leaders who will be with us.

5. Industry evening

Exhibitors are traditionally invited to an industry evening, where, in less formal circumstances, you can talk to potential clients. An additional advantage is the fact that the industry evening connects exhibitors of POLAGRA and Taropak fairs - packaging fairs.

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6. Practical knowledge at your fingertips

POLAGRA is also a dose of knowledge. In trainings organized by not only visitors can participate through law firms. Exhibitors with several dozen invitations can invite their clients or employees to them. The practical knowledge gained during the training will facilitate everyday work.

7. Easy access for everyone

Poznań positively stands out from other fair centers, not only Polish ones. The location in the city center, next to the main railway station, facilitates access for exhibitors and visitors. Just a few kilometers to the west there is an airport - access from it means driving straight ahead for several kilometers on one street. All exhibitors can also use the multi-storey underground car park on the MTP grounds.

8. More than a fair

Rich infrastructure and guarantees a convenient exhibition in one of the pavilions. Or maybe you want to organize a larger meeting or competition at your stand? The MTP Group offers exhibitors additional, comprehensive services: a gala, a press conference, a special zone with catering, or maybe an additional promotion carried out by an interactive agency? That's all there is to do.

9. Additional promotion? Enjoy!

Exhibiting at POLAGRA is also a great opportunity to increase brand awareness. The fair not only attracts visitors, but is also present in the media, which allows information about the company and its products to reach an even wider audience.

10. Flow of industries and a better overview of the market

POLAGRA is probably the only food fair in Poland that brings together such a cross-section of companies and visitors from so many branches of the food sector. For example, a producer of meat, dairy products or a coffee distributor can meet not only its customers, but also restaurant owners and chefs who use its products on a daily basis. In the next pavilion, he will also meet companies offering packaging. And during POLAGRA you can go to the Tastes of Regions fair. Thanks to this, it gains an even better overview of the market in which it operates.

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