Why is it worth?


The fair is the opportunity to:

  • present the offer to business customers,
  • establish new business relationships with domestic and foreign customers,
  • collect information about the needs of potential customers, and thus to develop the offer,
  • exchange experiences and expand knowledge through participation in training courses, workshops, discussion panels.




Every year, the fair is visited by tens of thousands of professionals interested in extending the product range on the shelves, implementation of new technologies in food production, implementation of new solutions to support service in dining and accommodation facilities.

80% of visitors at POLAGRA are decision-makers!

POLAGRA is visited by:

  • merchants and managers of retail chains, food wholesalers representatives
  • restaurateurs, chefs
  • hotel managers
  • heads of companies producing food
  • managers and professionals from units involved in food production, food technology and maintenance
  • representatives of the industry media and journalists representing nationwide news channels.



The preparation to the fair involves a multifaceted promotional campaign based, among other things, on such channels as trade press, internet and social media (Facebook, Youtube). Thanks to it information about the fair and the exhibitors taking part in it reaches a wide range of professionals and potential customers of exhibitors.

We offer the promotion of new products in our online channels before the start and after the fair.

We promote products awarded with the MTP Gold Medal.

We support any custom promotional activities carried out by the exhibitors at the stands and in special zones: we inform about them in newsletters sent to visitors, invite representatives of the trade press, communicate about them on our website and in the social media.



The POLAGRA Fair is accompanied by conferences, training sessions for professionals, culinary demonstrations performed by the best chefs. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge among experts. The center of culinary experiences and the greatest emotions is located in the competition zone, where the most prestigious competition in Polish gastronomy dedicated to professionals takes place - the Polish Culinary Cup. In 2022, the best Polish chefs were selected for the 20th time! Sponsorship or partnership cooperation in this competition allow to strengthen the brand image and to present the offer to the most important in Poland chefs and managers of restaurants and accommodation facilities.



Grupa MTP offers unlimited possibilities for arranging exhibitions and interactive presentation of machinery, production lines, equipment for the gastronomy sector and hotels.


The fair is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, as well as key industry associations that support us in the preparation of special demonstration zones and industry meetings.