A leading producer of milk powders at the POLAGRA fair


ALIMA-BIS is a leading producer of milk powders in Poland, which it sells under the ALIMA MILK AND WHEY POWDERS brand.

ALIMA-BIS specializes in the production of whey and powdered milk mixtures. It has three processing plants where it uses advanced technologies to obtain products of the highest quality and very good nutritional parameters.

It has the necessary quality certificates, such as IFS FOOD, KOSHER and HALAL, confirming the highest quality and availability of our products on markets around the world. It is a member of the Polish Chamber of Milk and at the stand of this chamber you will be able to meet representatives of this company.

ALIMA-BIS offer includes:

  • DWP Demineralized whey powder
  • LFMP Low-fat milk substitutes
  • FFMP Greased milk powders (regular and instant)
  • SMP Skimmed milk powder
  • WPC Whey protein concentrates

The best raw materials, safety, certificates

The raw materials for the production of whey and milk powder are obtained from the best European dairies.

The company has professional laboratories and quality control systems; uses high-class packaging, guaranteeing excellent parameters, quality and durability of products. The certificates we hold confirm the highest quality of our products and authorize us to sell them on markets around the world.

Years of tradition

Alima Bis is a family-owned, modern company operating on the Polish, EU and global markets. It has been operating since 1989 and successfully supplies the food industry and agriculture with technologies necessary at every stage of milk processing.

In total, the company has six production plants in four locations in Poland. Products and technologies of Polish origin (EU) manufactured in ALIMA-BIS are available in 41 countries on five continents.

In addition to the production of milk powders, the company also specializes in the production of technically advanced membrane systems and technologies for the food industry (especially dairy). The third branch of ALIMA-BIS's activity is the production of machines for dairy farms and agriculture, including feed wagons and bedding machines.

ALIMA PACK is a daughter company that has been successfully supporting the industrial sector since 1995, providing palletizing and packaging solutions for industry and agriculture. It specializes in packing and palletizing bags from 5 to 50 kg and big bags.

At the fair, we will present an offer of high-quality ALIMA MILK AND WHEY POWDERS milk powders, which we have been producing for 20 years. It will be available at the stand of the Polish Chamber of Milk, in pavilion no. 5.