BCC Polska became an exhibitor of Polagra 2020


Polagra 2020 is built of exceptional collaborations and exhibitors whose products are used in many industries. One of them is BCC Polska - Manufacturer of high quality sales vehicles  and trailers.

BCC Polska company exists on Polish marketplace since 2000. First location was in small town named Nowe Miasteczko. Since 2006 is located in Kostrzyn-Slubice Special Economic Zone in Nowa Sol.

We manufacture and sell vehicles body and trailers adapted to direct selling : mobile shops, offices, demonstrations cars and adapted to transport as : container, isotherm trucks, refrigerated trucks and many more. In our wide offer we also have isothermal adds to furgons. All our trucks meet  Polish and EU sanitary norms.

We deliver  new technology and high quality of our products. We offer the possibility of individually equipped, arranged to match the requirements of clients specialty area.

The idea begins in Your Head, We will take care of the rest !

For many years of our activity we designed and produced houndrats of special trucks and trailers. You can see our sales vehicles and trailers not only in Poland, but also in whole Europe and in Africa.

BCC Polska is everywhere, where our clients are.


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