Effective sorting in the food industry


Optimum Sorting joined the group of exhibitors at this year's POLAGRA fair.

Optimum Sorting develops, builds, installs and services innovative optical sorting solutions for the food-, non-food and pet-food industry. All machines use cutting-edge camera and laser technology.  Its commitment to continuous innovation and its collaboration with award-winning research institutes worldwide enable Optimum Sorting to always use the latest detection technology to solve the most complex sorting problems.

Optimum Sorting high-end solutions, supported by a team with close to 1000 years of combined experience in optical sorting, ensure its clients can provide their customers with products of consistently high quality.

The company’s HQ is located in Hasselt, Belgium, with subsidiaries in The Netherlands, Thailand, and the United States. A network of agents provides sales support and personalized service to customers in more than 80 countries across the five continents.

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