Multiple Golds for dairy industry leaders at the POLAGRA fair


During the largest food and catering industry fair POLAGRA – Food – HoReCa – Foodtech, awards were handed out in this year's edition of the MTP Group Gold Medal competition. In total, the competition jury appreciated as many as 23 products from the food industry - 18 in the Food Salon and 5 in the Foodtech Salon.

In turn, OSM ŁOWICZ uses the so-called "Green Nitrogen" produced from 100% renewable energy sources, which is confirmed by the Linde Green Certificate.

The winners of the MTP Group Gold Medals agree that presence at the fair is a great moment for their companies to promote their innovative products and solutions. - Events of this type are an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge, valuable experiences and market observations with the entire industry, admits Anna Siuda from OSM ŁOWICZ. Other exhibitors also emphasize that the presence at POLAGRA FOOD serves to strengthen the market position of their companies, increase production and meet the expectations of consumers interested in their products.

- Participation in these fairs gives us the opportunity to acquire new customers, expand sales and, most importantly, promote our food. The Gold Medal received this year for the Italian-style cheese Formaggio Italiano confirms the highest quality of the product and will hopefully contribute to greater sales, says Joanna Klepczarek from OSM KOŁO.

The winners of Gold Medals also include 5 products submitted to the Foodtech Salon competition. These are mainly devices and machines that facilitate the production, processing and packaging of food products. Among those awarded the POLAGRA Tech Gold Medal we will find, among others, innovative machines for the food industry and packaging, which we hope will become popular in this industry sector due to their high quality and innovation, says Prof. Ph.D. Henryk H. Jeleń, chairman of the Competition Jury of the POLAGRA Food and Tech Fair. The products assessed by the jury clearly show the producers' great care for quality, ecological aspects and packaging innovation. All products received very high ratings from experts, and differences in the ratings of individual products from a given group were often minimal.

The awarded products reflect market trends - they are often food products with increased protein content, products for vegans or allergy sufferers, mainly desserts, various types of cheese, creams and milk drinks.

A regular participant of the POLAGRA fair - Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA received the most Gold Medals, its products were appreciated for modernity, innovation and the production of its dairy products based on the highest-class technologies. In the case of Mlekovita, the competition jury awarded the company's completely new products with a gold statuette. This is mine. the plant-based Vegevita line, the high-protein Super Body Active cottage cheese bar or the exquisite dairy desserts.

- We are even more pleased with these awards because new products introduced in the last year have been distinguished, and thanks to being honored with prestigious Gold Medals, customers and consumers can be sure of the best choice. We, as a manufacturer, are satisfied with a job well done, put into the development of the assortment, new products and flavors, says Dariusz Sapiński, President of the Management Board of the Mlekovita Group.

After several years of absence, OSM ŁOWICZ returned to the POLAGRA – Food – Foodtech fair with a wide range of dairy products. This manufacturer received Gold Medals for its most recognizable products, signed with a logo with a characteristic Łowicz woman. These include Mleko UHT Łowickie 3.2% 1L, Księżak cheese, a line of UHT creams 500 ml, a line of flavored buttermilk 500 g and Śmietanka Łowickie natural 12% and 18% 200 g. They are a source of pride for the company, because in dairy products , such as cream, new flavors were used: orange and lime, mango-passion fruit, salted caramel, coffee, and blueberry-strawberry-blueberry.