POLAGRA 2020 is ready for the new. Caring for your safety!


Undoubtedly 2020 has been more challenging than anyone could expected. The upcoming edition of POLAGRA will be special in many ways. GRUPA MTP basing on its own experience, the knowledge of specialists and close cooperation with the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, has created a system of solutions and sanitary standards aiming to provide safe environment for commencing and strengthen business relations since we all want to be #BackInTheGame.

Being aware of how important it is for all business partners of POLAGRA to organize safe and comfortable event, we have prepared materials showing the new, safe and business-friendly trade fair reality, dedicated for our guests. Since June 6, 2020 GRUPA MTP has been back in the game for good! For the safety and wellbeing of all exhibitors and visitors, we do even more than it’s necessary. At all fair grounds entries thermographic cameras have been installed to measure the body temperature of all guests participating in the events. We take care of the highest standards of safety and comfort of trade fair visitors, at the same time making every effort to make our events run smoothly.


Already on June 20-21, GRUPA MTP organized the Summer Garden Market widely visited by plant and garden lovers until the very end of the show. Over 7.5 thousand automotive fans participated in the Poznan Moto Fest held on June 27-28. Mid-July whole families had the opportunity to join the Summer Family Market filled with numerous attractions both for children and adults such as amusement park, football activities, yoga, pilates and zumba classes.


Since June thousands of guests took part in the events organized at the Poznan International Fair. Despite of new sanitary regulations we still have had the same joy from the meetings which brought business benefits for our dear clients. Autumn is going to be a special time for GRUPA MTP. Reopening economy will let the entrepreneurs to reactivate their presence at the trade fairs around the world and successfully conduct business activities. The opportunity of presenting the offer, meeting partners along with exchanging experiences and industry news seems more valuable than ever before. Only a common, well-thought-out strategy also from the global perspective, will allow the companies to develop in the new reality.


This is how the GRUPA MTP perceives this time full of challenges as well as opportunities. This year’s autumn will therefore provide a large number of business oriented events. “The need of creating effective and tailored solutions is part of our work, regardless of the circumstances. We are fully prepared to organize business meetings in new standards – safe for all their participants” -  says Filip Bittner, Vice-president of the Board, GRUPA MTP. We respond to the needs of business partners basing on the careful observation of market trends as well as the moods of different industries. Our activities conduce to the development of business and innovative technologies, but most of all – they are a response to the actual needs of the events participants, whom we have been carefully listening for years. This year’s edition of POLAGRA is a response to great need to meet for companies representing various sectors of the food industry in 2020.


Preparations for POLAGRA 2020 started last year and are still very intense. Contrary to industry representatives – POLAGRA will not be postponed and or held in a different way, apart from adapting the exhibition to strict sanitary regulations. After successfully concluded rebranding, POLAGRA will be composed of three main themes: food | HORECA | foodtech. Show program of POLAGRA have been created together with our long-term partners however there are some new events scheduled for our guests during their visit at the fair. The exhibition will take place in new sanitary conditions, but in a traditionally unique atmosphere of key meeting of key players in the industry.


Would you like to know more about the new sanitary protection and see what the new trade fair reality looks like?

We have created an information video showing how we are prepared for the upcoming events.

Out of concern for your health and business opportunities.


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