Quality food in the national stadium


What is a high-quality food product? Why is it worth certifying such products? What does such a mark mean to consumers and producers? This was what the participants of the 1st High Quality Food Festival #KupujŚwiadomie, which took place on June 24 and 25 at the PGE National Stadium, could find out. A special zone of funds for the promotion of agri-food products was created by the Polish Ecology Association.

Consumer patriotism is a strong trend in Poland. Among the 10 countries of the European Union with the strongest economies, it is equally strong only in Spain. Strengthening consumer patriotism was one of the goals of the 1st Festival of High Quality Food #KupujŚwiadomie. For two days at the PGE National Stadium, thousands of visitors could see for themselves the quality of Polish food products.

The funds promote Polish food

Funds for the promotion of agri-food products take care of the promotion of these products, and thus of Polish producers and suppliers. In order to present their idea, goals, tasks and methods of operation, the Polish Ecology Association implemented the project "Multi-funded Promotion of High-Quality Food", whose contractor was the MTP Group.

For two days there were as many as 14 tastings conducted by excellent chefs. Several thousand people who visited the fund promotion zone tasted cold snacks, chicken soup, groats with mushrooms, pork neck, pancakes, buns, sandwiches with lard, cold soup, black pudding, bacon and lamb. Guests were also invited to the tasting, including Robert Telus, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, and his deputies in this ministry: Rafał Romanowski and Krzysztof Ciecióra, and representatives of the National Support Center for Agriculture.

The funds' representatives and invited experts spoke to the camera about the tasks of the funds. Participants of the festival learned about the goals of the funds also from specially prepared folders, describing in detail the principles of obtaining funds and the amount of support that the funds have provided in the last five years.

Animations and meetings

The time was also spent on the youngest, i.e. future consumers, who in a few years will start making purchasing decisions. Children sued the smells and tastes of high-quality food products, learned what good bread is made of and why they should eat as many vegetables and fruits as possible. The animation zone has been divided into a part of the grocery store customers and a kitchen part. Professional animators took care of the attractions, distributing commemorative hats to workshop participants.

The guests of the festival and the "Multi-Fund Promotion of High-Quality Food" zone could visit over a hundred stands of Polish producers and try, among others, meat and sausages, breads, cheeses, oils, mushrooms, bread acids and many, many other delicious products.

Substantively about Polish products

The promotion of high-quality food also includes debates in which guests - representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the National Center for Agriculture Support, the Polish Ecology Association and chambers and industry associations - talked about, among others, about quality marks, the use of which by producers allows consumers to recognize high-quality products and strengthen consumer patriotism. Poles declare that this aspect is of great importance to them, but the research results are not so optimistic. When shopping for groceries, Polish consumers take into account the factor of consumer patriotism at a very diverse level, ranging from 5 to 50 percent.

It is therefore an element that is worth taking care of so that Polish agriculture and the production of food products develop as well as possible. They also discussed reliable information that should reach consumers about Polish agri-food products and Poland's place on European and global markets.