Sunny Bulgaria on POLAGRA fair


Sunny Bulgaria will show traditional foods on Polagra 2023, via the ASSOCIATION OF TRADITIONAL BULGARIAN PRESERVED FOODS.

Get to know Bulgaria’s products up close. 

A wide assortment of vegetable and fruit preserves will be presented at the exhibition: traditional Bulgarian lutenitsa, ajvar, fruit preserves and jams from Bulgarian fruits, including traditional jam from roses,  dessert sauces, etc. The products are created following traditional recipes, they have authentic taste characteristic for the Bulgarian food traditions. The raw materials used have long been known for their unique quality and taste, well known on the international markets.

ASSOCIATION OF TRADITIONAL BULGARIAN PRESERVED FOODS will be present with five of its members.

Deroni Ltd

Homemade coarsely ground lutenitsa Deroni 265 g, 520 g

Homemade coarsely ground lutenitsa Deroni preserves the magic and charm of homemade Bulgarian cuisine. A pleasing combination of delicious vegetables carefully grown in the sunny Gardens of Deroni. Harmony of grilled red peppers, grilled peeled aubergines, hand-picked, processed hours after the harvest.

The lutenitsa is made according to a homemade recipe, combining culinary skills, high technology and a pinch of love. With vegetables from the sunny Gardens of Deroni and no preservatives.

Basilico Pasta sauce Deroni is created from sliced ​​tomatoes - enjoyable and fragrant, which reveal a rich world of flavors, appetizingly combined with grilled sweet red peppers, typical of the warm southern climate of the Upper Thracian Valley. And all this in a delicate blend with the favorite herb of traditional southern cuisine - fresh and fragrant basil, which gives this sauce a remarkable taste. 100% natural ingredients; no added sugar (contains natural sugars); with tomatoes, grilled peeled sweet peppers, fresh basil, fresh garlic, natural spices; no preservatives.

Classic Sauce for meat is a captivating combination of finely ground smoked red paprika, peeled sweet red and green peppers, chopped tomatoes, natural soy sauce, fresh garlic and fresh parsley. This rich combination will add an interesting taste, brightness and delicate aroma to a variety of barbecued and grilled meats, juicy steaks and ribs. No preservatives; no artificial flavors; no artificial colors; with fresh pieces of vegetables from the Deroni Gardens, with fresh garlic and fresh spices.

Balkan Agricultural  

Balkan Agricultural is a company specialized in the processing of tomatoes and is the largest

processor in Bulgaria with a daily capacity of processed raw material of 700 tons. We produce products such as raw material for the production of lutenitsa, ketchup, sauces, juices and baby food.

Jam and Jam

Bulgarian family business for ecologically  handmade elixirs, jams and marmalade.

Great taste and wide selection. We offer constant quality and, bio production. The main company policy is to produce high quality products and the major prestige – the production of organic products.

We offer handmade jam with high quality whole fruits will satisfy even the most sophisticated taste. You can garnish it perfectly with all kinds of desserts. The jam contains 60% fruits. 

Wild berry jam - The advantage of this completely organic jam is that there is no added sugar, and we use organic apple concentrate as a sweetener. So there is no sugar to take the main focus, but it lets the fruit taste open up and feels better.

Rose products - Rosa Damascena is one of the jewels of Bulgaria. With its incredible aroma and taste, it is simply a wonderful end to a masterful dessert or simply eaten with a spoon. We have managed to preserve almost all of its beauty in a jar by gently collecting its leaves.


Tomato paste, diced tomatoes, passata, pizza sauce, polpa.

Put your own Private Label on Specifically produced for you tomato products.

Kali 98

The company is a manufacturer of canned fruits and vegetables and frozen vegetables. The bestsellers are sterilised green peas, green beans, whole peeled tomatoes and various compotes.