The Chinese authorities have provided guidelines for the export of Polish meat


Future Polish beef producers received from the Chinese government detailed requirements that they must meet in order to be able to export to China. The document published by the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) contains all the veterinary requirements that must be met by a beef producer in order to be able to export it to the Middle Kingdom.

Polish beef can be exported to China

"It is allowed to export only frozen edible boneless beef obtained from cattle younger than 30 months at the time of slaughter," we read in the "Mięsne Fakty" Bulletin.

In the Chinese communiqué (its full name is "Announcement on the requirements for the inspection and quarantine of imported Polish beef" - GACC Announcement No. 87), it is written that meat, including it must be devoid of hair, bones, internal organs, tail, head, it cannot be mechanically separated meat. Minced meat is not eligible for export.

The requirements also stipulate that “(…) the cattle from which the beef will be obtained is to be born, raised and slaughtered in Poland. Only animals that have never been treated with veterinary drugs and/or feed additives banned in China and/or Poland and have never been fed meat and bone meal and proteins derived from other ruminants are eligible.

The communication also includes requirements for cold storage, packaging, labelling, transport (including maximum allowable temperature).

Let us remind you that the Polish authorities have been seeking an audit and opening of the Chinese market since June 2017. At that time, the World Organization for Animal Health (then OIE, now WOAH) granted Poland a status with a negligible risk of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, known mainly as BSE (and colloquially as mad cow disease). Steps were taken immediately to open closed markets.

A real chance appeared in December 2022. Chinese inspectors audited the system of the Polish beef sector. Representatives of the Polish Meat Association took care of the organization and coordination of their stay in Poland.

Source: "Meat Facts"