Three days of relief for the food and catering industry. POLAGRA as an answer to uncertain times


It hasn't been an easy year for the food and catering industry and its customers. That’s why the POLAGRA fair offers you three days to rest, take a breath, get to know innovative solutions and technologies and acquire the knowledge necessary for companies operating in these economic sectors. On September 26-28, the fair will be accompanied by a number of conferences, competitions, training courses and demonstrations open to visitors.

Losses caused by the pandemic, the crisis caused by Russian aggression against Ukraine and very high inflation – both consumers of the food sector and companies operating in the food industry and HoReCa sector can feel the effects of these factors. In those difficult and – even more than a year ago – uncertain times, companies are searching for optimal solutions and using the knowledge of experts to help them recover from the crisis.

Experts on two stages

This year, meaningful debates, training courses and lectures will be held on two stages. “The food industry. Strategies for difficult and uncertain times” – this title of one of the lectures  to be held during the fair says a lot about this year’s program of POLAGRA.

For three days, experts and guests invited to the fair will be discussing the most crucial topics for the food industry and HoReCa sector. They will introduce their plans for times of crisis, strategies for the purchase of electricity, and solutions for environmental protection and waste management – elements that should be included in a company’s development plans.

The stage will host representatives of the meat industry (the “Fuel of Life” conference) and the sector responsible for the export of Polish food (the Polagra Export Meeting congress). Additionally, there will be training sessions on topics such as packaging labelling, the deposit system and digital transformation.

The path of cooks, bakers and restaurant owners…

After a three-year hiatus caused by the pandemic, the Polish Culinary Cup, a competition for which one can only be nominated by winning one of several most prestigious national competitions, will return to POLAGRA. The finalists of the Polish Culinary Cup are – without a bit of exaggeration – the most talented cooks in our country. They will be competing for the Cup from September 26 to 27.

The workshops for chefs will last three days, and will be conducted by Ernest Jagodziński, Rafał Koziorzemski and Tomasz Purol. On the last day, there will be a short culinary show by Wojciech Harapkiewicz and actress Joanna Brodzik, who will co-host the finals of the Polish Culinary Cup.

Owners of restaurants, ice cream shops and pastry shops, as well as employees working in the HoReCa sector will also meet on stage during the awarding of prizes in the Polish “Masters of Taste” competition.

Once again, the public will cheer on the best Polish bakers – both professionals and amateurs – participants of the Master Baker competition, and learn the secrets of the baking craft during the Healthy Baking Forum.

Distinguished brands, modern technologies

This year’s POLAGRA features two pavilions and more than 140 exhibitors in three zones (Food, Foodtech and HoReCa) presenting hundreds of technological solutions, machines and products. Among them there are – as always – brands known for their innovativeness, recognized by customers and awarded by experts with the MTP Group Gold Medal.

The POLAGRA fair, whose history dates back to the 1980s, is still changing and evolving. This year’s edition will hopefully provide answers to the most important challenges of the food industry and promote innovation without forgetting about the decades-long tradition of this noteworthy event of the MTP Group.