Volta Belting Europe B.V. became an exhibitor of Polagra 2020


Polagra 2020 is built of exceptional collaborations and exhibitors whose products are used in many industries. The technological heart of Polagra will be exceptionally strong!

Volta Belting’s food-grade products improve hygiene, reduce the risk of contamination, reduce downtime, improve shelf life and save money to meet the standards – and the challenges – in the food processing industry.

Volta Belting has developed food-grade conveyor belting to solve many critical issues in modern food production and processing. Cost-effective food conveyor belts improve food safety, especially in applications when the belts come in contact with foodstuffs or when cross contamination poses a threat (for example, adjacent conveyors).

Hygiene is not a new concern in food processing, but stricter legislation and safety guidelines have been implemented in recent years. In addition, the industry has regrouped. Large corporations have acquired smaller producers, often imposing higher standards for hygiene and safety on their new subsidiaries.

Volta Belting’s food-grade conveyor belts conform to the highest standards for quality and reliability in the food-processing industry. All Volta Belting food-grade belting and fabrications are designed with hygiene and safety in mind. They are compatible with HACCP systems, and most belts are FDA/USDA approved and EC compliant.