Vote for the Gold Medal, Consumers' Choice at POLAGRA 2022


Get to know the products that received the Gold Medal of the Food and Foodtech zone at POLAGRA 2022 and vote in the Gold Medal Consumers' Choice competition.

Vote for the Gold Medal, Consumers' Choice at POLAGRA 2022
Innovation, creativity and modernity - this is how you can briefly describe the products that won the Gold Medal at POLAGRA 2022 this year.

The Competition Jury decided to award 13 prizes in the Food Zone Another 9 received Gold Medals of the Foodtech Zone.

Their winners are now fighting for a vote in the Gold Medal Consumers' Choice competition.

Voting lasts until September 21, 2022.


'Jogurt Polski' natural drinkable yoghurt 1kg 'Jogurt Polski' strawberry drinkable yoghurt 1kg 'Jogurt Polski' caramel drinkable yoghurt 1kg Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA The family of Polish yoghurts ('Jogurt Polski') is enlarged with products offered in a 1 kg bottle in three flavours: natural, strawberry and caramel. These yoghurts are perfect for direct consumption and recommended, among others, as an addition to cereals, muesli, fruit or cold desserts. 'Jogurt Polski' is a natural yoghurt perfect at any time of the day: for breakfast, a break at work, a snack, afternoon tea or dinner. It tastes well not only with sweet additions – it is also great for salads, dips and sauces. Larger, economical packaging and a convenient, handy bottle allows you to conveniently divide it into portions of any size. 'Jogurt Polski', in strawberry and caramel flavour, is perfect at any time of the day: for breakfast, a break at work, a snack, afternoon tea or dinner. Larger, economical packaging and a convenient, handy bottle allows you to conveniently divide it into portions of any size.

Super Body Active WPC 80 – whey protein instant concentrate Super Body Active WPC 80 – whey protein instant concentrate with strawberry flavour 700 g Super Body Active WPC 80 – whey protein instant concentrate with chocolate flavour 700 g Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA Super Body Active WPC 80 is a whey protein concentrate available in the following variants: natural and instant versions: banana, vanilla and chocolate. It is the highest quality whey protein concentrate, which is a rich source of wholesome proteins (including BCAA amino acids), contributing to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and the calcium necessary for strong bones and healthy teeth. It does not contain aspartame and gluten. In addition, it is offered in an instant version with an excellent solubility, whereas the addition of natural sunflower lecithin reduces the foaming of the product (lecithin is a component of almost every cell of the human body; e.g. it stimulates the nervous system, supports concentration and memory processes, participates in the processes of metabolism, supports the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, delays the aging process). Whey protein concentrates produced by MLEKOVITA contain no unnecessary taste 'improvers' such as sugar or fat, that strengthen the taste, but at the expense of the protein content in the finished product. Our company is committed to supply the best-tasting products, but above all to ensure their best nutritional value: with the highest possible content of wholesome protein.

'Masło Polskie ekstra' – Polish butter 82% of fat, 200g Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA 'Masło Polskie ekstra' – Polish butter 200 g. Butter is one of the most popular food products. It should be present in the diet of every person – milk fat is the best digestible of all food fats – the digestion process takes place much faster, so it quickly turns into energy and increases the body's vitality. 'Masło Polskie' offered by MLEKOVITA is a real butter of the highest quality, produced exclusively from pasteurized cream, without any additives, preservatives, dyes and gluten. It is a natural product with a high content of minerals and vitamins necessary for the body: it contains naturally large amounts of mainly vitamin A, carotenoids and vitamins D and E. This butter offers excellent spreadability, as well as uniform consistency, colour and taste. It contains only milk fat (min. 82%). The product is intended mainly as a spread, but it may be also used for other culinary purposes, including preparing cakes and desserts, frying, baking, stewing and cooking.

Fruit buttermilk 1l Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska in Koło Fruit buttermilk from Koło, without the addition of glucose-fructose syrup and modified starch, is a refreshing drink profitable for your health, packed in an environmentally neutral, fully recyclable cardboard box. It can be used in various ways in kitchen, but its handy opening makes it suitable for putting in a bag or backpack and enjoying during a lunch at school, work, picnic or trip.

'MU!' UHT 1L lactose-free milk Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska WART-MILK in Sieradz Cow's milk is a valued component of any diet. It tastes great and contains many ingredients necessary to maintain good condition of the body, including proteins, calcium and vitamins. However, in recent times more and more people suffer from lactose intolerance. 'MU!' UHT lactose-free milk, available with 1.5% and 3.2% fat content, is a good alternative for all of them. 'MU!' UHT lactose-free milk is cow's milk processed by a heat-treatment at a temperature of min. 135˚C and an enzyme called lactase, which breaks down lactose into simple sugars. 'MU!' UHT lactose-free milk is aseptically packed in cardboard packaging with a capacity of 1 litre.

'Wypasione' sweetened condensed milk, 150g Condensed sweetened milk with cocoa Wypasione 150g Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA 'Wypasione' sweetened condensed milk is a new product in the offer of MLEKOVITA, available in two flavours: classic and cocoa. Offered in a tube, it is convenient to use - the product is ready for immediate consumption, but it can also be used as an addition to a wide range of dishes. This thick, velvety and creamy milk perfectly enriches the taste of beverages: coffee or chocolate, ice cream, fruit and desserts with fruit and sweet pastries. The sweetened condensed milk is produced according to a traditional recipe, without the use of thickeners, flavours and dyes.

'Polski Mix' - a fat mix for spreading 68% fat, 200g Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA Spreadable fat mixes are a category with growing sales potential. They were created to combine the advantages of two products in one. In order to meet the expectations of markets and consumers, Mlekovita Group introduces a new product to the market: 'Polski mix' a 68% fat mix for spreading, which contains 50% of milk fat, making its taste similar to traditional butter, and 18% of vegetable rapeseed oil, one of the healthiest oils in the world, which improves the lubricity of the product. This Polish 68% spreadable fat mix is in line with the current healthy eating trends: it is a product without preservatives, dyes, flavours and emulsifiers. It is perfect for everyone who cares about healthy eating and a daily diet with a majority of low-fat products with a lower content of calories and cholesterol. It is intended mainly for spreading on bread. Weight: 200 g

Favita cheese for grilling and salads 200 g Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA Favita cheese for grilling and salads 200 g. This well-known and popular Favita cheese is now available in a completely new version: perfect for grilling and salads. The simple composition and compact form of this cheese provide a wide culinary use. Favita for grilling and salads is a cheese with a firm consistency. It makes it ideal for frying or grilling – in this form it will be perfect as a snack, addition to dinner dishes and salads. It can also be used to prepare skewers or as an ingredient in vegetarian burgers.

Favita salad and sandwich lactose-free cheese Soft brine cheese, fat 270 g Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA Favita is a well-known and well-liked, delicious salad and sandwich cheese with a characteristic slightly salty taste. It concentrates all milk components (one cube contains about 1 litre of milk) and numerous nutrients: it is primarily a source of wholesome protein and calcium, necessary for strong bones and healthy teeth. Favita cheese (available also in the lactose-free variant) is intended mainly for salads, perfectly matching with fresh vegetables and fruit. It is also an excellent choice for sandwiches, meat stuffing, pizza, sauces and other dishes, giving them its unique flavour. Favita cheese is the best recognized brand among consumers opting for salad and sandwich cheese. It has a soft and elastic texture, perfectly white colour and a characteristic flavour. Many people suffer from intolerance to lactose, the disaccharide found naturally in milk. They usually give up eating dairy products, depriving themselves of many of the valuable nutrients, needed for the proper functioning of the body. This is due to the lack or deficiency of lactase, a digestive enzyme necessary for the breakdown of lactose into simple sugars that can be absorbed, i.e. glucose and galactose. In order to meet the nutritional needs of such consumers, MLEKOVITA has prepared a line of lactose-free products – including the popular Favita cheese.

Polish thermized cream 18% in a 240 g tube Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA 'Śmietana Polska 18%' is a Polish cream produced from the highest quality raw material. It has a pleasant, fresh smell, light cream colour and a uniform consistency, distinguishing it from other products of this type. The line of Śmietana Polska' creams is a complete assortment that meets the diverse needs of consumers. 'Śmietana Polska' 18% is perfect for creating diverse food compositions with an excellent taste. It is very popular in Polish cuisine and it is used in soups, sauces, salads and other dishes, underlining and enriching their original. Now the popular "eighteen" is available in a comfortable tube – it is completely unique packaging version, the only solution of this type in the Polish market.

'Śmietanka UHT' – UHT lactose-free cream, 30% fat, 330ml Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA UHT 30% lactose-free cream is a new product in the range of creams. It is available in the optimal portion of 330 ml packed in convenient cartons with a screw cap. This product is intended for consumers who limit or are forced to eliminate lactose from their diet. With the new cream from MLEKOVITA, they can also enjoy desserts and sweets prepared with the use of 30% cream. UHT lactose-free 30% cream is an irreplaceable product in every kitchen, ideal for creams and desserts. When well-chilled, it is easy and quick to whip, providing the perfect, velvety texture of whipped cream, delicious both for direct use in decorating and as a base for cream layers of various cakes.

'Na Polski Stół' – premium cheesecake cottage cheese 18%, 1 kg Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA Premium 18% cheesecake cheese from MLEKOVITA is a completely natural product, without preservatives, dyes and flavours. The combination of the ideal proportions of cream cheese, cottage cheese and the 18% fat ensure its unique creaminess. This makes the cheese a suitable ingredient for a variety of culinary uses. It is an excellent base for fluffy and delicate cheesecakes, other cakes and desserts. Perfect for preparing dumplings and pancakes as well as all dishes that require the best quality cottage cheese. The 18% cheesecake cheese is ready for immediate use, and its availability in a handy bucket allows users not only to open and close the package multiple times, but above all to conveniently store and use it Offered in a portion of 1 kg.

Smoked curd cheese 250g Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska in Koło Smoked curd cheese is made only from milk and lactic acid fermentation cultures, with a small addition of salt. Its unique taste, aroma and golden colour are obtained in the process of smoking with alder and beech wood smoke. Perfect in its basic form, but also as a base for sandwich paste, stuffing for dumplings, noodles or an addition to raw vegetables.

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JetLT food printer UAB "Prasvieta" Simple, easy and pleasant to print – this is the JetLT printer for confectioners! An innovative, economy-class printer for printing on gingerbread, macaroons and cakes! Made in Lithuania, at the best price in Europe.

Euromat E3 Bakery Convection Oven WIESHEU POLSKA Sp. z o.o. The E3 convection oven from WIESHEU sets new standards for baking-chamber capacity and functional design. Now, you need fewer baking processes for the same output of baked goods. Optimised insulation and 3-glass pane technology ensure that the energy remains precisely where it belongs – inside the oven. Right- or left-hand door? No problem. The flexible E3 door can be changed on-site.

Revent Retarder/Freezer Provers Revent International AB / Nurkowski Sp. z o. o Sp.k. Revent Retarder/Freezer Provers are devices for the proofing process and extended proofing / fermentation. The FSP technology (Flexible Slow Proving) operators may adjust the conditions in which the dough may slowly prove. In the initial phase, the freshly prepared/shaped dough piece goes to the chamber, where the temperature is -5°C, where it is cooled and then stored at 0°C. Later, a process called 'waking up' or 'resuming' (proofing) takes place, where the temperature rises to 15°C, the dough pieces begin to slowly proof and here, depending on the needs, they can be fully proven and ready for baking, or in the last phase they can be cooled and wait for export to a company store or other location where they will be baked. In turn, the Freshbake system allows bakers to store the product baked in 90% and then resume its baking without loss of quality. This is due to the special conditions inside the chamber – appropriate temperature and humidity with a system that maintains useful bacteria – controlled by the PID regulator and the TSC control system.

Eco Twin model 2022 - production line for bread rolls König Maschinen Gesellschaft mbH CREAM Profesjonalne Technologie Spożywcze Sp. z o.o. Eco Twin model 2022 is a line for the production of rolls/small breads, guaranteeing a wide range of products while maintaining a compact form and the highest hygiene standards. The line can be expanded with additional stations at any time, which means that it can develop along with your business. Its improved design means that the time previously spent on cleaning can be used for more important activities.

Portobello ice cream machine Vi Healthy Living Ltd. t/a fwip Portobello – the first ice cream machine of this type in the world. It is also the smallest and the first “smart” ice cream machine on the market. This patent-pending device can track sales figures and effectively help increase the profits of companies that use its functionality. Italian ice cream (“Italian Gelato”), vegan sorbet, frozen yogurt are served by the machine in under 7 seconds – something no other machine on the market can do. Portobello is also the most environmentally friendly ice cream machine in the world, as it uses less energy than a 40W light bulb. While its design is timeless, it provides almost endless number of flavours. Until now, machines for serving soft ice cream had the option of serving max. 2 flavours. With Portobello from fwip everything is possible. Excellent for all types of consumers: from vegans, through health- and diet conscious people, to those who want a moment of tasty pleasure without paying much attention to 'behind-the-scenes' details. Taking into account numerous and very specific requirements of customers, we made sure that Portobello is able to serve fwip desserts for everyone.

RIBOT multifunctional device Telme S.p.A. / Inplus Michał Kalinowski Ribot ensures healthy, non-invasive cooking, cooling and freezing at a programmable temperature, which protects the organoleptic features of the food and enhances its natural taste. The nutritional quality, colour and texture of the product are maintained in order to guarantee consumers the best taste and a consistent level of quality. Ribot allows user to program its work to quickly prepare: cakes, fillings, butter creams, gels and spills, ice cream and sorbets, marmalades and dairy products.

Rollmatic S40S / S50 self-service bread slicers Rollmatic SRL / Nurkowski Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. Rollmatic S40S / S50 self-service bread slicers are designed for cutting all types of bread, from wheat to rye-type breads. The slicers may be placed in the sales room of a bakery or grocery store. Their compact design is suitable for dimensions of a standard shop arrangement. With a quick circular knife and the control system, these devices cut the bread into the slices with thickness selected by the operator. Standard bread can be cut in 12-18 seconds – depending on the desired thickness. The device is completely safe for the operator.

Speed X UNOX SPA / UNOX POLSKA Sp. z o.o. The first device in the world combining 3 technologies: microwave, combi steamer and washing system. There is no other device in the world that would combine these technologies in one product.

ATLAS − Automatic Loading and Unloading System IBIS Marek Jeż ATLAS is a modern loading and unloading system designed for modern craft and industrial bakeries. ATLAS solves the problems of bakery owners who struggle with the staff shortages, the need to reduce costs and constantly rising work standards. ATLAS system in combination with a thermo-oil oven is the most economical solution available on the bakery market, guaranteeing an increase in production and reduction of oven heating costs.

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