Winners of the Gold Medal of Grupa MTP 2023 competition


The Competition Jury awarded 18 Gold Medals to the MTP Group. In the case of POLAGRA, they were awarded to 18 products presented in the Food showroom and five in the Foodtech showroom. Now the winners are fighting for a vote in the Consumers' Choice Gold Medal competition.

Voting ends on Sunday, September 24 at 11:59 p.m. The results will be announced on the first day of the fair, on Wednesday, September 27, on the Trend Stage.


Winners of the Gold Medal og Grupa MTP 2023 competition



From today, you can vote for the selected product in the Gold Medal - Consumers' Choice poll. Voting takes place in two categories: FOOD and FOODTECH. Links to the voting zone below:

Vege desserts 150g: coconut, vanilla, coffee flavour

Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA VEGE DESSERT BASED ON COCONUT CREAM, created for vegans and the growing category of plant products, perfect for direct consumption, naturally lactose- and gluten-free, in 3 flavour variants: coconut, coffee and vanilla.

Formaggio Italiano – Italian type cheese 220 g

Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska in Koło Formaggio Italiano – Italian-type cheese is a product with a simple composition and very wide application possibilities. It has a delicate flavour and light consistency, which makes it taste great as a stand-alone dish, but you can use it to create both sweet and exquisite culinary compositions.

Polish buttermilk 1 kg

Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA A well-known and liked product in a new, convenient packaging. A refreshing fermented drink with a natural taste. Low-calorie and natural. Perfectly quenches thirst. Perfect as a stand-alone drink, an addition to cocktails, muesli or an ingredient in cold soups and baked goods.

Łowicz UHT milk 3.2% 1L

Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska in Łowicz Łowicz UHT milk 3.2% 1L – delicious taste of healthy milk, enclosed in a practical package with a convenient cap. Perfect in your daily diet – a source of easily digestible calcium, protein and vitamins. Thanks to the UHT process, it is free from dangerous microorganisms.

Flavoured buttermilk 500 g OSM Łowicz – line

Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska in Łowicz In 2022, OSM Łowicz has prepared five fantastic flavours of Buttermilk, all available in a unique bottle capacity of 500 g. It is the perfect format to drink at once, take with you to work, on the road, for a walk, in the car, or on a trip. The bottle has been designed with great care – grippy, handy shape, compact height. Thanks to the smaller packaging capacity, you can always have your favourite products from Łowicz at hand, without worrying that some of the product will be unused. A unique and original proposition available on the market. The mango-passion fruit, strawberry, orange-lime, salted caramel and coffee flavours are supplemented this year by the blueberry-wild strawberry-bilberry version. A milk drink with a unique aroma provides refreshment on a hot day and is also a filling snack.

Vegevita oat drink 1 kg

Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA A drink created for consumers who choose plant-based milk alternatives, vegetarians and allergy sufferers. No gluten. No added sugars – contains naturally occurring sugars. Enriched with calcium and vitamins B2, B12 and D. UHT product – does not require storage in the refrigerator until the package is opened. Perfect for direct consumption and for coffee, smoothies, pancakes, puddings, oatmeals, muesli, cereals, baked goods and many other culinary purposes. Available in a convenient carton with a screw cap in an optimal 1 liter portion.

Bialski cheese from the Krzna Valley, Bialski cheese with holes from the Krzna Valley

Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA Bialski cheese from the Krzna Valley and Bialski cheese with holes from the Krzna Valley are unique, regional cheeses made from the best Polish milk, prepared without the addition of preservatives. They are a concentrated source of nutrients: easily digestible protein and calcium. Ripening in carefully selected conditions gives them excellent taste and aroma, thanks to which they have many culinary uses. Bialskie cheeses are perfect both for everyday sandwiches and as an ingredient in salads, casseroles and pasta. They also work great on an elegant cheese board and in exquisite snacks and appetizers.

Księżak cheese 130 g OSM Łowicz

Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska in Łowicz Księżak cheese – a Swiss-type cheese with rich holes and a distinctive, nutty and sweet flavour. Source of calcium and vitamin A and B12. For convenience, packed in an envelope with a tray that can be closed and opened multiple times. This guarantees the freshness of taste and aroma until the last slice. The graphic design and the name of the cheese refer to the rich folklore of the Łowicz region.

SUPER BODY ACTIVE Vanilla flavoured cottage cheese protein bar with white chocolate flavour coating 40 g

Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA Vanilla pleasure of taste, the power of valuable protein. Extension of the Super Body Active high-protein product line with a protein bar. The well-known and popular cottage cheese bar from Mlekovita in a new, high-protein version. With 54% cottage cheese content, it is a valuable source of protein valuable for the body. One 40-gram bar contains as much as 10 g of protein. It is a sweet, yet healthy and valuable snack, not only after training and for active people.

SUPER BODY ACTIVE High-protein cottage cheese 200 g

Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA Quality and tradition in a modern version. Grainy cottage cheese in delicate, pasteurised cream with a natural flavour. Extension of the Super Body Active high-protein product line. Complementing the well-known and popular family of cottage cheese from Mlekovita with a product with high protein content. An optimal 200 g portion contains as much as 30 g of protein. An excellent snack, especially for consumers with an increased need for protein.

Natural Łowicz cream 12% and 18% 200 g – line

Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska in Łowicz Łowicz creams are universal creams, known for generations, which can be used in every kitchen. Creamy, velvety, thick, with a simple composition. Distinguished by the 'Quality Tradition' mark, which is awarded to traditional products that meet high quality standards. A quality system recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture as the national food quality system. In addition to the advantages of the product itself, it is worth mentioning the refreshed graphic design, which strongly refers to the chosen communication strategy of the OSM Łowicz brand undertaken in 2020 and consistently continued to this day.


Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska WART-MILK in Sieradz UHT creams MU! in 500ml packages with various fat contents (12%, 18%, 30% and 36%) are widely used in the kitchen. UHT cream MU! 12% is a great addition to any type of coffee. It will soften the taste and aroma of your morning coffee, ensuring a smooth start to the day. UHT cream MU! 18% is the basis for a tasty soup, sauce or salad for a family dinner. UHT cream MU! 30% is intended for those who appreciate the natural taste and high quality of products. Perfect for preparing delicious cocktails and desserts. UHT cream MU! 36% is ideal for preparing whipped cream. It will also allow you to prepare cream for a cake or dessert of the highest quality.

Łowicz UHT creams 500 ml – line

Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska in Łowicz Łowickie UHT creams 500ml – our sales offer includes Łowickie creams with a fat content of 12% and 18% – perfect for soups and sauces, their consistency makes cooking easier, and when added to hot dishes they do not curdle, as well as with a fat content of 30% and 36% which are the perfect base or complement to desserts and cakes. Handy, transparent packaging with a visible Logo on a blue background with colours matched to each type of cream. Łowicz UHT creams 30% and 36% in 1 L packages are also available on the market. The packaging in which the Łowicz cream is packed is completely new – the carton does not contain an aluminum layer. The packaging is 100% recyclable. For the needs of the marketing campaign promoting innovative packaging, a dedicated website was created

Wypasiona semolina porridge 150 g: with strawberries, with cherries, with blueberries

Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA WYPASIONE SEMOLINA PORRIDGE WITH FRUI – TASTES OF CHILDHOOD IN A MODERN FORM in 3 flavour variants: with cherries, with strawberries, with blueberries, 150 g portion, perfect for dessert, we can take milk porridge with us to work or while travelling and eat whenever we feel like it, without tedious preparations.

WYPASIONE COTTAGE CHEESE BARS with white chocolate flavour coating; coconut and

Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA A fast and tasty little treat not only for children. A new variant of the well-known and popular cottage cheese bars in a fancy version. Perfect for any time of day and occasion. It is a sweet, yet healthy and valuable snack, not only for children. With 54% cottage cheese content, it is a valuable source of protein valuable for the body. Available in 2 flavours: coconut and strawberry with white chocolate flavour coating.

Wypasione milk desserts with rice 150 g: with strawberries, with apples, with raspberries

Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA LEKKI JAK CHMURKA [LIGHT AS A CLOUD] MILKY DESSERT WITH RICE AND FRUITS, a breakfast option for busy people, delicious products based on wholesome milk, 3 flavour variants: with apples, with strawberries, with raspberries, convenient 150 g packaging.

Wypasione cheesecakes with peach, strawberry and cherry coating 150 g

Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA WYPASIONY CHEESECAKE WITH FRUIT TOPPING in 3 flavours: peach, strawberry and cherry, convenient 150 g packaging, perfect for direct consumption, liked by both adults and children.

Wypasiony cream dessert 130 g. Wypasiony cream and chocolate dessert 130 g

Spółdzielnia Mleczarska MLEKOVITA LEKKI JAK PIÓRKO [T LIGHT AS A FEATHER] CREAM DESSERT – AN EXCELLENT BREAKFAST OPTION delicious products based on wholesome milk 130 g portion perfect for dessert in 2 flavour variants: cream-chocolate and cream perfect breakfast or snack for consumers of all ages.

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UNOX POLSKA Sp. z o.o. BAKERTOP-X™ – The smartest combi steamer ever. Artificial intelligence enables food recognition and automatic launch of the appropriate baking program. Ready to bake with your eyes closed? Thanks to the OPTIC.Cooking function, it is now possible!

JetLT, an innovative economy-class confectionery printer

PRASVIETA UAB JetLT – manufacturer of printers for confectionery and packaging. One printer – 4 benefits! 1. Print on confectionery, 2. Print on gift boxes using food colouring, 3. On bags in different colours, 4. Print on edible paper. Printing costs from PLN 0.01!

PPO Sporty X-treme® Safety footwear collection

PPO Przedsiębiorstwo Państwowe The Sporty X-treme collection is light, comfortable and dynamic footwear intended for the most demanding users. A stable sole and high-quality materials used for the uppers guarantee convenience, comfort and safety during work. The ergonomic collection, based on the latest innovations, is a response to the growing expectations of users. The footwear is available in blue and purple. At the customer's request, it can be produced in green, yellow, grey or red. Both sandals and shoes are unisex models, suitable for women and men, available in sizes 35 to 49. The collection is dedicated to work in the food industry, warehouses, production halls, the automotive industry, large-format stores and more. Moreover, modern design and the highest quality materials used have meant that the Sporty X-treme footwear collection has won a wide group of satisfied customers since its premiere.

M50 – multifunctional processing machine

PRO ASCOBLOC Sp. z o.o. M50 – multifunctional processing machine The machine and accessories are made of stainless steel. Automatic magnetic switch. Two speeds 160/320 (rpm). Degree of protection IP65. Easy replacement of heads and accessories thanks to the EASY FIX system. Optimised OneTouch control. Optionally on a mobile base or with a base cabinet and as a cabinet version. M50 is ideal for: slicing, shredding, pureeing, dicing, mixing, beating, kneading, grinding, scoring and softening.


Global Food Hygiene D. Urbański Spółka Komandytowa GLOBAL FOOD HYGIENE Innovative bag with K-envelope seal eliminates micro-cracks, ensuring even distribution of the product. The lack of overlaps affects: the speed of applying the bag to the box, no hidden product residues, improves the disposal process, reduces the amount of waste. Made of LDPE foil, perfect for frozen products and many others. Suitable for E2, E3 containers, boxes and cartons. The highest quality, approved for contact with food. Unique protection for your products!

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